Find words ending in CATE

For each of the following, find a word ending in CATE

1. Suspend a student.
2. Cut the end of.
3. Make unclear.
4. Very detailed.
5. Highly sensitive.
6. Make a copy of.
7. Renounce throne.
8. Make completely dry.
9. Appease.
10. Completely remove.
11. Disentangle.
12. Divide into two.
13. Tame.
14. Make involved in.
15. Prove not guilty.
16. Devote to.
17. Convolute.
18. Pope's tenure.
19. Official document.
20. Instil.
21. Set boundary.
22. Discover position of.
23. Leave position.
24. Pleader.
25. Impart knowledge.
26. Treat with drug.
27. Apportion.
28. Concoct.
29. Slip out of position.
30. Make drunk.

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Three words which have something in common

There are 10 puzzles.
Each is a combination of three words which have something in common.
For example
Pine tree, compass, phonograph
All have needles. Courtesy reader's digest.

Now the rest
1. College graduates, thermometer, location on the globe
2. Mattress, health resort, year
3. Television, cricket field, windows
4. Greek building, newspaper, marching army
5. River, nose, denture
6. Ion, credit card bill, cavalry
7. Tennis player, noisy party, mafia ring
8. July, locker room, blessings
9. Bed, sandwich, rumor
10. Crossword puzzle, post office, initials

Now solve

I am a 7 letter word. I like mornings.


πŸ‘‰ I am a 7 letter word.
πŸ‘‰ I like mornings
πŸ‘‰ If you remove my 1st letter you can drink me
πŸ‘‰ If you remove my 1st & 2nd letters πŸ‘‰ you may not like me
πŸ‘‰ If you remove my last letter, you will see me on television
πŸ‘‰Answer is really very interesting
Let us see who solves this....

⏰Time limit :- 1 hour
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People who sound good enough to eat. (Real or fictional)

People who sound good enough to eat. (Real or fictional)

1. Hollow man
2. Catwoman
3. Ice Ice baby singer
4. Fred Astaire's partner
5. Tony Stark's assistant
6. Mario's damsel in distress
7. Popeye's girl
8. Capt Marvel
9. Rowan Atkinson
10. Fawlty towers owner
11. Former US secretary of state
12.Boxing legend
13. " Canadian bacon " actor
14. " The apartment " actor

Find the words ending in ANT


Using the clues, find the words ending in ANT

1. One who sees the future
2. Can float
3. Not a vowel
4. Flaky French roll
5. Accused in a trial
6. Makes you less stinky
7. Unlocks stuffy nose
8. Om om om
9. The guy who hit me
10. The A in CA
11. Deadly tumour
12. Dr Who
13. Absent from school
14. Cop needs this to arrest you.
15. Common to dogs and firemen
16. Newborn
17. Where Miss Universe is chosen
18. Way too expensive