Identify the fruit in the given sentence

Staying home for too long deteriorates the brain. To survive this circuit breaker, you just need to get past 5 out of 15. All sentences are solvable.

There is a fruit in each sentence.
Just need to identify the fruit from the given statement:-

Example: Did you see a man go by? (Mango)

1. ​He found his home lonely after his dog’s death.
2.​ One dare not rob an anaconda of its prey.
3.​ The crook made his escape armed with a gem.
4. ​She told her uncle money was what she needed more.
5.​ If I go out now, I shall miss my cousin.
6. ​Either courage or anger made him move swiftly.
7.​ The beggar held out his cap pleading for money.
8.​ Matters regarding rape should be dealt differently.
9. ​The English teacher Ryan teaches French too.
10.​ He saw his papa yawning at work.
11.​ He had kept on his lap lumpsum of money.
12.​ Are classes for Telugu available in this city?
13.​ It is easy to shape a child rather than a man.
14. ​He is an extremely cheesy guy.
15.​ Can I wear a khaki with a black shirt?

Please try.....👍🏻 Very for brain..the letters are all found next to each other..No need to jump or skip anywhere or separate in the sentence

Find the person without a mask picture puzzle

Find the person without a mask picture puzzle

Find the person without a mask picture puzzle

Due to the pandemic all the people are mandated to wear a mask but one of the person has forgotten to wear his mask. Can you help find the person who is not wearing the mask.

Find the person who is not using a mask in the picture above.

Share with your family and friends and see if they can find the person who is not wearing a mask.

I am largest in my family of fifty. Who am I?

I'm the largest in my family of fifty.
The youngest of our family lives separately from the rest of the family and so do I.
I am regarded as harsh and tough.
I am so large, you cut me in two equal halves,
each half would still be larger than the second largest member of the family.
Who am I?

You entered a room of 34 people

You entered a room, of 34 people.
A shooter then enters killing 30.
How many people are left in the room?
I won against :

Chain alert : If you get the right answer, you have to repost
lo kar lo maza..

Find one word that is common to both

Find one word that is common to both

1. Ceramic / Country
2. Peppers / Mingun
3. River / Residents of Themyscira
4. Planet / Tennis Star
5. Need for speed / Element
6. Motorcycle / Ocean
7. Fish / Sound
8. Travel permit / Credit card
9. Animal / Cricket bat
10. Programming language / Speech defect
11. African tribe / Volkswagen