Mom and 2 daughters, Dad and 2 sons, a maid and a dog River Crossing Puzzle

You must have heard of so many river crossing riddles however this one is a bit tricky one. We have a dysfunctional family on one side of the river which includes mom and 2 daughters, dad and 2 sons, a maid and a dog. Like usual, there is a boat that can hold only two persons at a time (dog counts as one person as well). Obviously, the kids can’t operate the boat and we need an adult for that task.

Here comes the difficulties. The maid must remain with the dog so she can control it or it will head up for a violent biting. The dad cannot be left with the daughters without mom and nor can the mother be left alone with the sons without dad.

Can you help them cross the river?

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Suppose that everyone is standing at A corner and they have to reach the B corner.
Let the housemaid and Dog go to corner B first and housemaid returns back to corner A.
Next, the housemaid and the first son go to B and she comes back along with the dog.
Now the father and the second son go to B and father comes back.
Mother and Father go to B and the mother comes back.
Housemaid and Dog go to B and the father comes back.
Father and mother goes to B and Mother returns back.
Mother and first daughter go to B, Housemaid and Dog return back.
Housemaid and second Daughter go to B and Housemaid comes back.
Housemaid and Dog goes to B.
So, everyone has reached the other side of the river successfully.