They put pictures on me then take pictures of me. What am I ?

They put pictures on me
then take pictures of me
to share with the world

But the pictures disappear
as my end draws near
and anxious heartbeats stilled

I am sought after very wide
especially after every night
when things are put in motion

And after a little while
I will be able to defile
your ability to sleep with devotion

What am I?

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Answers is "Cappuccino" (A Type of Coffee)

Baristas create quite fancy artwork on the milk foam on top of your cup.
Many people take pictures of that and post it on Instagram, Facebook etc.

When the cup is empty, the milk is gone.(Pictures Disappear)
"Anxious hearbeats stilled" refers to the addiction some people have towards coffee.

Many people drink coffee, especially in the morning
(in Italy, you drink Cappuccino only in the morning, in the afternoon you would go for an Espresso).
Coffee puts you in motion.

Well, coffee can keep you from sleeping,
after all that's why most people need it in the morning.