There are 7 thieves

Hey come on its quiz time now
There are 7 thieves..
They stole diamonds from diamond merchant & run away in jungle..
While on runin Night sets in & they decide to rest in jungle..
When everybody's asleep two of them who r closest frnds get up & decide to divide the diamonds among them & run away..
So they start distributing bt they found that one diamond was extra..
So they decide to wake up 3rd one & divide diamonds Γ€gΓ€in.. Only to their surprise they stil find one diamond extra..
So they decide to wake up fourth..
Γ„gΓ€in one diamond is spare..
5th woken up.. Stil one extra!!
6th.. Stil one extra..
Now they wake up 7th one & diamonds are distributed equally..
How many diamonds in total they stole??