Alok Nath Jokes Part 3


Badrinath and Amarnath were called Badri and Amar before Alok Nath visited them.

AAP was called TU before getting blessed by Alok Nath.

Alok Nath dyes his black hair white.

Alok Nath watched The Fast and the Furious hoping it was a movie about Monday' Fast.

Alok nath is the only person jisne valentine pe apni gf ka kanyadaan kr dia..

Alok Nath's Favorite Atta Is Aashirvaad Atta !!

Alok Nath is so sanskari that when he heard the song "Gandi baat" he pours Ganga Jal into his Ears.

Alok Nath ne ek baar IIT ka exam diya.
Now that exam is called IIT JEE

Q. What would Alok Nath say in a Thumbs Up ad?
A. Aaj kuch sanskari kartein hain.

When Alok Nath met Mark Zuckerberg, he requested for an Aashirwad button on Facebook.

When Alok Naths girlfriend asked him out to a Disco, he took her for Jagrata.

What would be movie name if Alok Nath directs them?
1. Kanyadaan No. 1
2. Kanyadaan at Wadala
3. Sanskari waale Kanyadaan Kar Jayenge
4. Maine Kanyadaan kyo kiya
5. Kanyadaan kiya toh drama kya

Alok Naths favourite songs are "Where's the Aarti tonight?" and "4 baj gaye lekin Aarti abhi baaki hai".

Alok Naths favourite actress is Mandir-a Bedi.

Alok Nath played Samdhi-Samdhan when his friends played Doctor Doctor.

When Alok Nath gets a gangsters role in a movie, he smokes dhoop instead of a cigar.

Alok Nath sends Samdhan requests instead of Friend requests.

Inspired by Koffee with Karan, Alok Nath plans to come with 'Sanskar with Alok'.