Jokes on wife


Shortest Joke :

Doctor : Howz ur headache ?
Patient : she's out of town.:)


Marriage is like a public toilet . Those waiting outside are desperate to get in & Those inside are desperate to come out.


No Man Can Ever Be Satisfied with 4 things in life:
       (1) Mobile
       (2) Automobile
       (3) TV
       (4) Wife
Because, there is always a better model in neighborhood


Compromising does not mean you are wrong and your wife is right.

It only means that the safety of your head is much more important than your ego!


Whisky is a brilliant invention. One double and you start feeling single again.  


It is said that when a woman closes her eyes, she sees the person she love the most and when a man does that.
The slide show begins.

Funny quote on a husband`s T-Shirt:
All girls are devils, but my wife is the queen of them.


And now the latest & the best of all!!

Imagine, living with 3 wives in one compound and never leaving the house for 5 years. Osama Bin Laden must have called the US Navy himself!! .


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