Nadella and his relatives


Conversation between nadella and relatives:

Nadella: I'm the CEO of microsoft

Relatives: you didn't get into infy? 

Nadella: don't you know Microsoft? We make windows!

Relatives: you studied so much to end up being a carpenter? 

Nadella: not real windows! We make and sell the windows software.

Relatives: people buy windows software? We thought it's open source and available on all torrent websites.

Nadella: that's piracy! 

Relatives: no, it's 'windows'. What kind of a CEO are you? 😐

Nadella: I'm the CEO of Microsoft. Not just windows.

Relatives: oh ok. Bring us ipods and iPhones when you come here. 

Nadella: ah forget it. 
Nadella's Neighbour Aunty: "Aur Beta, kya kar rhe ho aajkal?"
Kuch nahi Aunty, bas kuch din pehle he Microsoft ka CEO bana.
"Acha hai, humara golu toh TCS mein Team lead ban gaya.. Tumne nahi apply kiya tha TCS mein?"