Gujju Jokes

Gujju Tip 1 : Thepla is our bread and Athaanu is our butter.
Gujju Tip 2 : A Gujju may feel tired after 10 mins of Walking,
But the same Gujju is still energetic after 5 hours of Non Stop Garba !!
Gujju Tip 3 : You are a 'pakka' gujju if you have gossiped about someone for hours and then said, "javade aapde shu"
Gujju Tip 4 : "Every Gujju will introduce their spouse as "Aa mara Mrs. Chhe or Aa mara Mr. chhe" !
Gujju Tip 5 : The World says Save Electricity, Save Water, Save Nature;
But Gujju says: Sev Puri, Sev Khaman, Sev Gathiya etc.
Ek party ma , Gujjubhai asked a girl, "Tame dance karso" ?
Chokri ubhi thai gayi ane boli
Gujjubhai: "Toh aa khursi hun lai jau"?
gujju rocks..
British: Can u Swim?
gujarati : No
British:  Dog is Better den u because It Swims.
gujarati:  Can u Swim?
British: Yes
gujarati: Then Whats the Difference between u & Dog…
British Shocked gujarati Rocks. 