Tiger Shroff Jokes

If #TigerShroff becomes famous, his wax statue will be kept in Jim Corbett Park instead of Madam Tussaud’s.

Jackie Shroff took the game NAME PLACE ANIMAL THING too seriously...

Yash Raj Films' sequel to "Ek Tha Tiger" will be titled as "Ek tha Tiger Shroff"

“Tiger Shroff” this name is still better than Rahul Gandhi

Tiger Shroff and Shahrukh Khan should be signed as the brand ambassadors of Vagh Bakri chai!

Tiger Shroff recently had a baby. Ab yeh mat poochho ‘cub hua?’

#Heropanti will come with a disclaimer…’ No animals were hurt during the movie shoot including Tiger Shroff’.

Tiger Shroff’s debut movie would premier on Animal Planet.

‘Save the tigers. Only 1411 left. Tiger Shroff: Make it 1412.

Reporter: What’s your favourite movie? Tiger Shroff : Ek Tha Tiger.

If someone photoshops Priyanka Vadra's hairstyle on Tiger Shroff he will look more Priyanka Vadra than Priyanka Vadra

Don’t be mean guys…Give a big round of applause to Tiger Shroff for an outstanding Oscar winning performance in Life of Pi.

Once Tiger Shroff was locked in the room by Jackie Shroff. Tiger Shroff updated his Whatsapp status as ‘I’m Sherlocked’.

Tiger Shroff will never ever be beaten in any movie coz it will be against animal rights.

‘Tiger se darr nahi lagta sahab,Tiger shroff se lagta hai’ ~ Indians

Tiger Shroff’s favorite market is Karol Bagh

Just saw Tiger Shroff’s action scenes. Now confused if Heropanti would release in Circus or in Theaters!?

Jackie Shroff: Your movie is releasing soon. I'm proud, son!
Tiger: Thanks dad.
Lion: Bhatija kiska hai.
Leopard: Mama ho toh mere jaisa!


A Tiger Shroff Fan Club now exists.
This is why intelligent life forms on other planets have never bothered reaching out to us.