Under rated Pleasures of Life

Most Under rated Pleasures of Life
1: Going for a small walk on a cold night with your favourite person.
2. Getting a head message from your mom/wife/husband after a hard day at work.
3. Coming home to a chilled glass of lemonade after playing in the sun.
4. When the radio plays your favourite song.
5. Taking a really nice dump.
6. Peeing after you have been holding it for a long time.
7. Getting a good download speed on your favourite movie.
8. The joy after giving your last exam.
9. When your mom makes your favourite dish for dinner.
10. The sound of ATM dispensing cash.
11. When you receive a hand written letter in this digital age.
12. When there's chai and pakode to give you company while it rains.
13. Waking up and realizing you still have a couple of hours to sleep.
14. The smell of damp mud during rains.
15. Popping bubble wraps.
16. When you get home and your pet comes running to you.
17. Traveling in a train for 2 days & then reaching home.
18. Going to Bat when your team mate gets out !!