16 men can finish a job in 16 days

16 men can finish a job in 16 days,
If after 4 days manpower is increased by 14,
then How many days will be needed to finish the job?

–In Hindi–
16 aadmi 1 kaam ko 16 dino me pura karte hai
agar 4 din baad ussi kaam ke liye 14 aadmi bada dete hain
toh kitne dino me kaam pura hoga?

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16 men can complete a Job in 16 days so 256 days required for single person.
Now 4 days have been completed by 16 mens so 16*4=64.
Now 256 days - 64 days= 192 days required for single person to complete the remaining job(12 days),
if i add 14 more mens now then, 192/(16+14)=6.4 days