Pappu walked into a Bar

Pappu, walked into a Bar and aggressively shouted his order to the bar man, "Please give me half chicken tandoori and then give everyone half a kilo steak and mutton, bcoz when I eat, I want everyone to eat!"
Bar man processed his request and gave him his
meal and everyone else their meals.
When they finished enjoying their meal he
shouted for another order, "Give me a bottle of Champagne and give everybody else a bottle of Johnny Walker Black, bcoz when I drink, I want everybody to drink!"
Everyone was happy and singing praises, saying
Pappu is "The Man".
When Pappu finished his drink he shouted again:
"Give me my bill and give everyone else their own bill, bcoz when I pay for my meals and drinks, I want everyone else to pay for theirs!". . .
Pappu's funeral is tomorrow at 10 am