IAS Question One Murder happens in a Village

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Test ur brilliance...
One murder happens in a village n police inspector asked two constables to reach the spot n take the FIR..
As it was night n too far frm the station, two Constables didn't go there n made a fake FIR..after reading the report the inspector said that u both r suspended for making a fake report with out reaching the spot...
Question is...How the inspector find that its fake n they didn't reach there?
The FIR is written as....
When we reached the spot, the door was open and one man aged about 40 -45 was found died in a chair, one bulb is blown in the room,fan is also switched on,one table is there in front of the dead body, and the table contains:one opened bottle of poison ,one half filled drinking water bottle,one pen , one news paper was opened as pages 9-10,
One table top calendar opened as date of June 20,one 5 rupee coin,one notebook,one bed was also there in the room.
Seems that the person did suicide.

Can anybody give the right answer ???

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FIR Says that Newspaper was opened as pages 9-10
But the newspaper can only be opened as even number pages followed by odd number pages
for eg. 8-9 or 10-11.
But it can't be 9-10
So Obviously it's a fake FIR.