Can you indentify the date on which the competition was held ?

An international IQ test is held on knockout terms in November 2013. The final contestants are from Britain and America respectively. Both of them are handed over the final test paper which they have to fill for evaluation. They have to write their names and date on the paper. When the evaluators are handed over the sheets, they find out that both the guys have same name. In no manner can they identify which sheet belongs to whom.

Can you identify the date on which the competition was held?

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The competition was held on 11 November 2013. The logic is simple. In America, the dates are mentioned as Month/Day/Year and in Britain, dates are written as Day/Month/Year. But on 11 November 2013, the date and month will be the same. And thus both will write in the same manner i.e. 11/11/2013. If it would have been any other date, the evaluators would have been able to identify it.