A Family is trapped in a Jungle.

A family is trapped in a jungle.
There is a bridge which can lead them to safety.
But at one time, the bridge can only allow two people to pass through.
Also, all of them are afraid of the dark and thus, they can’t go alone.
Father takes 1 minute to cross, Mother takes 2 minutes,
Son takes 4 and the Daughter takes 5 minutes.
While crossing the time taken will be according to the slower one.
In what minimum possible time can they all reach at the other side?

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The Answer is 7 Minutes
First the Son and Daughter go over the bridge (5 Minutes)
Then the Father and Mother go (2 Minutes)
Hence total 5 + 2 = 7 Minutes.
Note : It is not mentioned that some one has to come back and there is no torch in the puzzle :P