3 runs reqd in 2 balls to win with only one wicket left.

3 runs required in 2 balls
Cricket puzzle:
3 runs reqd in 2 balls to win with only one wicket left....
The batsman is on 98 and the non striker is on 97.How will both batsman score centuries as well as win the match without extra ball?
Cricket lovers if ur really genius n u have d knowledge of cricket, solve it !
Your passion for the game will now be tested!

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The batsman on 98 is on strike.
He hits the ball and they run 3.
UNFORTUNATELY one of the batsmen doesn't turn correctly for one of the runs and the umpire calls ONE SHORT and awards only two runs.
Therefore the first batsman has his century.
There is now 1 ball remaining and one run is required to win.
The batsman on strike, however is now the one on 97 runs.
He now either hits a 4 or a 6 and completes his 100.
They win the game and both batsmen scored a Century.


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