How many coconuts did the 1st person Cut ?

There are 3 friends and they are Thief
One day they all of three go in a garden and make a plan to cut the coconut from the Tree.

1st Climbs on the tree and starts cutting coconut.

2nd starts to collect the coconut.

and 3rd one says i will whistle if the gardener comes.

After some time he whistles

2nd makes three parts of them and takes his part and runs away.

3rd person comes and he also divides the coconut into 3 parts and takes his part and 1 extra coconut and he also ran away

then 1st comes and takes whatever is on the ground and he also ran away
2nd DAY when they meet.. there where equal coconuts with each of the person
Then how many coconuts the 1st person cutted??????????????????????????????

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The 1st person cuts 9 Coconuts.