There are five houses.. Who owns the Fish ?

There are five houses with the outside walls painted in five different ways. David, Ed, Nick, Nicola and Nigel each live in one of the houses. They each drink a certain type of coffee, have a preferred mode of transport and keep a certain pet. No owners have the same pet, the same preferred mode of transport or drink the same type of coffee.


1. Nicola lives in the tartan house.
2. Ed has a guinea pig
3. David drinks mochaccino
4. The paisley house is on the left of the gingham house
5. The owner of the paisley house drinks flat whites.
6. The person who drives by car has a squirrel.
7. The owner of the striped house travels by bike.
8. The person living in the centre house drinks double espresso.
9. Nick lives in the first house.
10. The person who travels by train lives next to the one who has a pitbull.
11. The person who has a badger lives next to the person who travels by bike.
12. The person who travels by plane drinks chai latte.
13. Nigel goes everywhere by foot.
14. Nick lives next to the polka dot house.
15. The person who travels by train has a neighbour who drinks decaf.

For the sake of clarity: the houses are adjacent to each other in a line and the directions are from the perspective of someone looking at the houses.

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