What is the Cost of a Mango ?

At a fruit stall in Puzzle land,
an Apple costs Rs.20,
an Orange costs Rs.24,
and a Pear costs Rs.16.
What is the cost of a Mango?

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Cost of mango is Rs.20.

There are 2 Logics to this solution.
1. Each letter in the word costs Rs.4. Since the word mango has 5 words, its cost is Rs20.

2. Assign A = 1; B = 2; C = 3.... and so on upto Z = 26. Now find the score of the fruits.
APPLE:1+16+16+12+5 = 50
PEAR:16+5+1+18 = 40
ORANGE:15+18+1+14+7+5 = 60
Multiply the score with Rs.0.4 to get the cost of the fruit.
So Mango:13+1+14+7+15 = 50, 50*0.4=Rs.20