Select ur Birth Date then find out what ur lovers feeling for u?

Select ur Birth Date then
find out what ur lovers feeling for u?

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Please Dont Get Hurt If The Ans Is Not As Expected By You,
Its Just A Game :)
1. Time Pass,
2. One Side Affair.
3. Love Beyond Imagination
4. Flirting
5. Love But Not Plan To Marry You
6. Respect You A Lot
7. Obstacle In Marriage
8. Love You A Lot But Want Same In Return
9. Possessive About You
10. Wana See You Happy All The Time
11. Loves You Coz Of Your Quality Or Other But Not You.
12. See No Future
13. Do Everything To Make This Happen
14. Tolerating You
15. Thinking To Leave You
16. Bla Bla Bla
17. Hates You
18. Think You Are Overspending
19. Proud Of Gf/Bf As Status Symbol
20. Stand By You Forver Comes What May
21. Make You Partner In Every Birth (If You Are A Firm Believer Of Rebirth)
22. Wana See Some Change In You
23. Keep Some Higher Expectation From You
24. Love Your Body Only
25. Using You As Ladder To Sucess
26. Think You Are Qurellsome
27. Still Can Believe You Love Him/Her
28. Couldnt Concentrate Coz Of You In Work/Study.
29. Love Mean Frenship (Still Not Serious)
30. Jealous Of You
31. Love Family/Frends More Than You.