In a India vs Pakistan Match Puzzle

In a India vs Pakistan Match

Pak batted first and made huge score of 373/9
India as usual chased easily and are 371/9 in 49.4 overs

Now 3 runs needed in 2 balls with 50th over being bowled.

Kohli is on strike batting on 198 and the non striker Raina is on 97. They work out a plan for kohli to score a 200 and Raina century.

How can both batsman do this and as well as win the match both remain not out??

Note:- The bowler does not bowl any no ball in the next two deliveries.

Cricket lovers if u really have knowledge of cricket solve this.
There is a logical answer to this.

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Virat is on strike and he call for 3 runs but takes 1 run Short.So he gets 2 runs
So Virat completes his 200 by getting just 2 runs and now raina is on Strike for last ball.
Now Raina either scores 3 runs or hits a Boundary and completes his Century.