Can you find the killer too ?

Sherlock is called upon on a crime scene.
A woman has been killed and there are only three suspects to the murder, the three people who were present on the scene.
Alice, the best friend of the woman who was present for a night out.
Debra, who was accompanying Alice.
Sia, who is the house maid.

A note is found in the hands of the victim, which reads:
'Second of January, Third of July, Fourth of April, Second of October, Fourth of December'

The note was all Sherlock needed to find out who was the killer. Can you find the killer too ?

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The killer is Alice.
The number in front of the month's name in the note actually points towards the position of a particular letter in every month.
Second of January = A
Third of July = L
Fourth of April = I
Second of October = C
Fourth of December = E.

Thus, the name is Alice.