Find Six Hidden Words in the picture


Find Six hidden messages / words in the given picture below

Find Six Hidden Words in the picture

There are six hidden words from this picture.
What are those? Give me at least one word that you can read.

This is not the standard find six words in the image puzzle.
This is a lot tougher and think out of the box to see the six messages / word in the image.

Give your answers in the comments below.

Clues are given in the Image itself numbered 1 to 6 for six words. Your order of the answer is not important. All the Best !

Share this puzzle with your friends and see if they can find all the six words.

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1. Are you kidding me right now?
2. Breakfast
3. Lunch
4. Dinner
5. Double Day
6. Mismatch Day
Even after knowing the answers if you can't see the words, try stretching and skewing the images in any photo editing software.