What is the PIN ?

A house wife forgot her bank account PIN which is five digits’ number,
but luckily she remembered some hints on how to recall this PIN.

Here are some of the clues
1) The 1st digit is a square of the 2nd
2) The sum of the 2nd and 3rd is 10
3) The 4th is equal to the 2nd plus 1
4) The 3rd and the 5th makes 14
5) The sum of all the digits is 30

What is the PIN?

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The PIN is 93747
1st number is squre 9
2nd number is the root of first 3
Sum of 2nd and 3 Rd is 3+7=10
4th number is 2nd plus 1 ie.4
Sum of the all is 30 hence 5th is 7
Hence PIN is 93747