Crossing the River Logic Puzzle


Crossing the River Logic Puzzle

River Thames needs to be crossed by Mr. Father, Mrs. Mother, A Thug, A Policeman, 2 dogs and 2 Cats.
There is only one boat, which can carry only two people (or a person and an animal or two animals) at a time. Only the humans (excluding the thug) know how to operate the boat.
The boat must travel back and forth across the river in order to pick up all of the people and animals.
Following rules must be followed at all times:
Mr. Father: Mr. Father cannot stay with any of the cats, without Mrs. Mother's presence.
Mrs. Mother: Mrs. Mother cannot stay with any of the dogs, without Mr. Father's presence.
Thug: The thug cannot stay with anyone, if the policeman is not there.
Policeman Allowed to travel with everyone.
2 Dogs, 2 Cats: Not allowed to travel without a human, or be in the presence of the thug without the policeman's supervision.
The dogs are not allowed to be in the presence of Mrs. Mother without the supervision of Mr. Father.
Similarly, The cats are not allowed to be in the presence of Mr. Father without the supervision of Mrs. Mother.
Both the dogs and cats are allowed to be unsupervised (provided the other rules are satisfied.)

How will everyone get to the other side of the river Thames?
None of the rule can be broken, and all rules apply on the boat as well as on the land.

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Firstly: Policeman should take the thug across the river thames and escort the boat back with him. (Thug across, everyone else on this side)
Then, Policeman will take one cat along, leave it there, and on the way back, bring back the thug (since thug cannot be left with anyone without policeman's supervision).
Then Mrs. Mother will take the second cat on the other side. Drop it there and bring the boat back. For the 4th trip, Mrs. Mother And Mr. Father Will travel to the other side, and Mrs. Mother will stay there, and MR. Father will bring the boat back. (Now Mrs. Mother and 2 cats are on the other side.)
5th trip, the policeman takes the thug across. Both of them stay there and Mrs. Mother will come back. Then for the next trip, Mr. Father and Mrs. Mother will go on the boat, and Mrs. Mother will stay there, and Mr. Father will return back.
Then for the 7th trip, Mr. Father will travel with one dog. On the return, the policeman and the thug will return. Then in the next trip, the Policeman will take the second dog. (Now Mrs. Mother and her two cats; Mr. Father and his two dogs and the Policeman is here).
Now finally the policeman takes the boat on the other side and brings back the thug.
Tough one, right ?