Kavya and Sana with Dolls puzzle


Kavya and Sana with Dolls puzzle

While playing with dolls,
Kavya realised that if she had 15 more,
she would own a quarter as many dolls as Sana.

But if Sana owned 20 fewer,
she would still have five times more dolls than Kavya.

How many dolls does Kavya own?

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Explanation :
Dolls with Kavya - x
Dolls with Sana - y
x+15=y/4 => y=4x+60
y-20=5x => y=5x+20
=> 4x+60=5x+20
=> x=40 and y=220

So Kavya owns 40 Dolls
and Sana owns 220 Dolls