3 Box Puzzle


3 Box Puzzle

3 Box Puzzle

There are 3 boxes, exactly one of which has a car.
You can keep the car if you pick the correct box!

On each box there is a statement,
exactly one of which is true.

Box 1 : The car is in this box.
Box 2 : The car is not in this box.
Box 3 : The car is not in box 1.

Which box has the car ?

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Answer : The car is in Box 2

Explanation :
Exactly one statement is true. So Suppose,
Box 1 statment is true, then Box 2 statment also becomes true.
Suppose Box 2 statement is true then either Box 1 will be true or Box 3 will be true too.
Suppose Box 3 statement has to be true.
So by the true statment of Box 3, we know that,
car is not in Box 1 and statement of Box 2 is also considered false so car is not in Box 3.
So car has to be in Box 2.