X pills and Y pills puzzle

X pills and Y pills puzzle

A patient has fallen very ill and has been advised to take exactly
one pill of medicine X and exactly one pill of medicine Y each day,
lest he die from either illness or over dosage.
These pills must be taken together.
The patient has bottles of X pills and Y pills.
He puts one of the X pills in his hand.
Then while tilting the bottle of Y pills, two Y pills accidentally fall out.
Now there are three pills in his hand.
Because both types of pill look identical,
he cannot tell which two pills are type Y and which is type X.
Since the pills are extremely expensive,
the patient does not wish to throw away the ones in his hand.
How can he save the pills in his hand and still maintain a proper daily dosage?

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Answer with explanation :
Firstly he needs to take one more X pill.
Now he can take 1/2 of both X pills and Y pills for today,
and the remaining 1/2 of the pills tomorrow. Thus not wasting any pills and taking his daily dosage too.