Shirt Shirt Shirt Puzzle


Shirt Shirt Shirt Puzzle

Shirt Shirt Shirt Puzzle
Shirt + Shirt + Shirt = 15
Socks + Socks + shirt = 9
Socks + Tie + Tie = 22
Tie + Socks + Socks x Shirt = ?

The above text is only for reading purpose, get to the solution by carefully looking at the image above.

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Answer is 23

Explanation :
From first line we get Shirt is 5 (shirt with 5 buttons)
From second line we get Socks is 2 (2 socks is 2)
From third line we get Tie is 10 (Tie iwth 5 Strips)
Now we need to get the solution by substituting the values.
But looking carefully at the image, we see that the last line has slightly different images, so the values of the objects will differ a little from the above values.
Here Tie is with 4 strips so the value Tie will be 8 here
There are 3 socks instead of 2 so the value of socks will be 3 here
and there are 4 buttons on the shirt so the value of shirt will be 4 here.
So substituting these values to find the answer, we get,
8 + 3 + 3 x 4 = 8 + 3 + 12 = 23 (using bodmas where first comes multiplication)
Hence answer is 23