You try this: In a village, there are 7 men

You try this:

In a village, there are 7 men
Each man has 7 wives
Each wife has 7 daughters
Each daughter has 7 brothers
What is the total population in that village?

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Answers :
There are 3 possible answers to this.

Answer 1 : Population of village is 7.
Explanation : The first line says, in a village there are 7 men, so it may imply that the wives and children do not live in the village and may live elsewhere and hence only 7 men live in the village.

Answer 2 : Population of village is 742.
Explanation : 7 men , 49 wives, 343 daughters and 343 sons. So 7+49+343+343=742

Answer 3 : Population of village is 154.
Explanation : 7 men, 49 wives, 49 daughters, 49 Sons (step sons and daughters considered)
So 7+49+49+49=154

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