The Farmers Will Puzzle


The Farmer's Will

The Farmers Will Puzzle

A farmer died leaving his will
17 horses to his three children,
Ann, Bob and Charlie.
To Ann he left half his horses,
to Bob a third of them and
to Charlie a ninth of them.
How on earth did they share out the horses?

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Answer :
The children will borrow 1 horse from the neighbor,
So they now have 18 horses.
Now they will share as per the will.
Ann (half the horses) = 9 horses(half of 18)
Bob (third of them) = 6 horses(third of 18)
Charlie (ninth of them) = 2 horses(ninth of 18)
So now they have shared 9+6+2 = 17 horses.
and they will again return the remaining 1 horse to the neighbor.