Hidden Vegetables in the sentences



Can you find hidden vegetables in the sentences below:
1. Oscar, rotting vegetables should go in the bin, not the fridge.
2. At the KFC outlet the man smoking a cigar licks his fingers in anticipation.
3. Bart said with a gasp, a rag used to wipe the floor cannot be used to wipe washed vegetables.
4. Pipkin, wasn't that the last ring? Be an angel and answer it next time.
5. Is Maloni on the phone again ? Ask him to get off I'm expecting an urgent call.
6. At the Brixton bus depot a torn sack was lying unclaimed.
7. Mitch I like spicy food but please less oil.
8. Stop a cab, bag each and every item and stow it neatly in the trunk.
9. Bart try and spin a Chinese top on the palm of your hand, it's very difficult.
11. The winner's hall others seem to avoid is actually ideal for the conference.
12. The fortune teller spread out the Tarot cards and asked me to pick one.
13. I'm being transferred to Berlin, I better begin German language classes.
14. Bart was a bit nervous before the audition. His palms were sweating.
15. In Gujarat in India, Kongos or Bantus from the lower Congo river area have got together and built a community centre.
16. It's so strange, every turn I put on this screw seems to loosen it even more.
17. At Tom's Seafood Deli, Catalufa on Rye bread seems to be a fast moving item.

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Answers :
1. Carrot
2. Garlic
3. Asparagus
4. String Bean
5. Onion
6. Potato
7. Chili
8. Cabbage
9. Spinach
11. Shallot
12. Taro
13. Ginger
14. Wasabi
16. Turnip