Guess Movies and TV Shows titles by the description

I have provided weird/funny plot descriptions of movies and TV shows.

Guess their titles by the description.

Set A - Movies
A1. High school teachers go binge drinking.
A2. Former 007 plans a robbery on the eve of the millenium
A3. Widower teams up with mentally challenged female to find his disabled son
A4. A slacker and a group of school kids form a rock band
A5. Billionaire becomes a father figure to a teenager he saw on YouTube
A6. Brainwashed boy has a dictator for an imaginary friend
A7. President flies a plane on Fourth of July
A8. Boy in his early twenties chauffeurs bank robbers
A9. American is the last Japanese warrior
A10. Obsessive tailor poisoned by mushrooms.... Twice
A11. Musical journey of a pianist and an aspiring actress
A12. Psychopathic killer pursues a hunter absconding with stolen money
A13. Two old school middle aged men and a group of millenials work together to bag a corporate job
A14. Adventures of a concierge and a lobby boy
A15. Great story ends with a milkshake

Set B - TV shows
B1. Wealthy teenagers call the shots in Upper East Side
B2. Plane takes off in 2013, lands in 2018
B3. Vigilantes vs Corrupt Superheroes
B4. Light hearted political satire turned out to be closer to reality
B5. Brothers drive an impala all around the country carrying forward their family business
B6. Both the protagonists and antagonists have series of misfortunes in their quest to become tech giants
B7. 17 year pursuit of a serial killer emotionally drains the cops
B8. They killed off the president offscreen
B9. Cops compelled to wear masks to work
B10. They predicted better than the Mayans
B11. Survivors from Atlanta start walking to safety
B12. A crazy scientist and his grandson go on bizarre adventures
B13. Don't mess with this family from Birmingham
B14. Clumsy blue collared worker who lives with his family and an anthropomorphic dog
B15. Suicide recordings that sounds like a listicle

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Answers :

Set A - Movies
A1. Another round
A2. Entrapment
A3. Finding Nemo
A4. School of Rock
A5. Spiderman Homecoming
A6. Jojo Rabbit
A7. Independence Day
A8. Baby Driver
A9. The Last Samurai
A10. Phantom Thread
A11. La La Land
A12. No country for old men
A13. The Internship
A14. The Grand Budapest Hotel
A15. There will be blood

Set B - TV Shows
B1. Gossip Girl
B2. Manifest
B3. The Boys
B4. Veep
B5. Supernatural
B6. Silicon Valley
B7. True Detective
B8. House of cards
B9. Watchmen
B10. The Simpsons
B11. The Walking Dead
B12. Rick and Morty
B13. Peaky Blinders
B14. Family Guy
B15. 13 reasons why