Guess these night Hindi songs


Guess these night Hindi songs

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Identify the song, You need to sing few lines of the song and post your voice msg.
Everyone, limit yourself to one answer so that we can hear more people singing.
Guess these 'night' Hindi songs 🌃:
1. Night bud came in a dream
2. Night is lonely, lights are out
3. This night, this season, river bank, playful breeze
4. This night is wet, dazed autumn, lovely moon rose slowly
5. This night, this moon, when will they be back
6. These days and nights are not passing by, I wanted to tell you what's in my heart
7. These nights new and old speak of many tales untold
8. Beautiful night has slipped away, but don't know when you will come
9. Day has come to a close but the night is not passing
10. Moon rises in the middle of the night but let not our meeting be cut in half
11. O night's traveller, please tell dear moon what's my mistake
12. Night and Day, light burns
13. The companions of the night are going home tired

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