Solve these 35 rebus puzzles


Solve these 35 rebus puzzles

solve these 35 rebus puzzles

Can you solve these rebus puzzles

Try and find the answers to all the rebus puzzle from the given hints and clues.
The answer can be anything from a phrase, saying, movie name, song, name of person etc.
Give your answers in the comments with the correct question number.

Share with your family and friends and see who got the maximum correct answers.

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Answer :
1. Angle Iron
2. Above It All
3. Untoward Behavior
4. Hanging Chad
5. Breakaway
6. Falling Down
7. High Rise Building
8. Ice On Bridge
9. I Can't Believe It
10. I Understand
11. Stuck In The Middle With You
12. All Star Game
13. Broken Dreams
14. A Bold Plan
15. Fading Into Nothing
16. The Jet Stream
17. Cropped Up
18. Dark Room
19. A Blank Expression
20. Bipedal
21. I Long To See You
22. Look Out Below
23. Sliding Glass Doors
24. Strange Emotion
25. Elemental
26. Missing Piece
27. Partial View
28. A Higher Calling
29. One Ring to Rule Them All (For Ken)
30. Wind Up Toy
31. Around The Corner
32. Tunnel Vision
33. Congress In Session
34. Staggered Home
35. Star Wars (of course)