Find the order of 7 Cards in a Row


7 Cards in a row puzzle

7 Cards in a row puzzle

7 cards (8 through ace) face down in a certain order.
There are 6 clues on the order of them.
What is the order?

1. The "ace" is two cards away from the "9" card. (1 card in between)
2. The "8" card is between the "10" card and the "king".
3. The "king" is four cards away from the ace. (3 cards in between)
4. The "jack" is directly right of the "ace".
5. The "Queen" is in the middle.
6. The "jack" is somewhere right of the "10" card.

Can you find the correct order of the cards from the above given clues?

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Answer :
The order of the cards is as follows :
King 8 10 Queen Ace Jack 9