Crack the 10 digit number to crack the safe puzzle


Crack the Safe - 10 Digit number puzzle

Jesse James' lesser known brother, Eddie has also decided to take up robbing banks for a living.
He is unfortunately a little slow and has forgotten to bring the dynamite to blow open the safe!

Using logic, the following clues and a large amount of patience,
can you figure out the 10 digit number to crack the safe?

*All digits from 0 to 9 are used exactly once.

*The sum of the 2nd, 5th, 6th and 8th digits is a single digit number.

*The 4th digit is a perfect square.

*The 3rd digit is 1.

*The sum of the 4th and 7th digits is a perfect square.

*The value of the 10th digit is twice that of the 2nd.

*The product of the 4th and 6th digits is equal to that of the 10th and 2nd digits.

*The 5 is next to the 6 but not the 4.

Share with your family and friends and see if they can figure out the 10 digit number to crack the safe.

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Answer :
8 3 1 9 4 2 7 0 5 6