Lets see how good cricket fan you are?

Let’s see how good cricket fan you are?
How many runs a single player can score in One day match (50 overs/ 300 balls)… No ‘no balls’, no wides, no extras, no over throws.

So how much runs he can score max?

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Answer : 1653
Explanation : An opening Batsman scores 5 Sixes in first 5 Balls and then takes 3 runs of the last ball to stay on strike for the next over. Thus he scores 5x6 + 3 = 33 runs per over. Thus in 50 overs he should score 50x33 = 1650 but for the last ball of the last over he can get a 6 instead of 3 runs so in the last over he score 3 runs more than 33 runs. Thus the max a batsman can score in 50 overs match is 1650+3 = 1653.
Theoretically a batsman can run more than 3 runs in a ball but i assumed 3 runs per ball to be a little practical.