New Features of Whatsapp Messenger

New Features of Whatsapp Messenger !
It has a new feature that shows whether your sent message has been read or not.
One tick means sent, two ticks means delivered and when the two ticks turn blue it means the message is read.
A great solution for insecure couples, possessive girlfriends, jealous boyfriends or to know if someone is avoiding. No use of hiding your last seen!! :) :) :)
One more thing...
You can stalk people on the group too...
Keep your group message pressed
You will see a circle with an i letter inside it.(next to the copy option)
Group Read Status in Whatsapp Messenger
Click on the circle
You will see a detailed report of that message like which members have seen and read the message and which members are still about to read them and to which members this message has been delivered.
Whatsapp Messenger New Features for Groups

Enjoy Whatsapp !!