Choose one Key and know the truth about u

Choose one key

Choose one key i'll help u to open up da truth about u :

Choose one key answers

Answers to Choose 1 key and know the truth about u :
🔑1.U have true love💏
🔑2.U are a cheat💘
🔑3.U are a play boy/gal💔
🔑4.U are faithful to 1 you luv💞
🔑5.U luv your self😜
🔑6.U love money more dan anything💵
🔑7.U r a humble person to da one u luv💝
🔑8.U are so patient👼
🔑9.U r uncertain abt future n wat u want😐
🔑10.U are alwayz in too many relationships at a time💘