How long a scooter can run?

How long a scooter can run?

Answer this-

There is one scooter
It has 2 tyres one stepni
Each tyre can run 5 kms
How long a scooter can run??

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The scooter can run 7.5 kms
Logic :
Now there are 3 tyres A,B,C.
First the Scooter will run 2.5 kms.(on A and B)
then change 1 tyre with the spare tyre (replace B with C)
then again scooter will run 2.5 kms and 1 tyre wares out.(A wares out so replace with B)
Now use the changed tyre and again the scooter can run for more 2.5kms before both B and C wares out.
Hence the scooter will run a total of 2.5+2.5+2.5=7.5 kms