What came first into the world, the egg or the chicken?

One fine day, an intellectual man came to the emperor'€™s court with the aim of testing Birbal's wittiness. In order to do this, he challenged Birbal to answer his question and hence prove that he was as intelligent and witty as he was said to be.
He asked Birbal, Do you want me to ask one difficult question or a hundred easy ones?
Since both Akbar and Birbal had had a tough day and were eager to leave, Birbal hastily told the intellectual to ask him a single difficult question.
Intellectual: OK. Tell me what came first into the world, the egg or the chicken?
Of course, the chicken, Birbal replied with a smile.
This time with a note of victory in his voice, the intellectual asked Birbal, How will you demonstrate that?
What did Birbal say?

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Birbal said,
"Sir, your chance for asking one difficult question is over? said Birbal and walked away with the Mughal Emperor leaving the intellectual man with his mouth and eyes wide open.