Tricky Maths Problem. Can you Solve it ?

Tricky Maths Problem.
But most of them will get it wrong.
Can you Solve it ?
Tricky Maths Problem. Can you Solve it ?
If value of
Strawberry = 3
Pineapple = -3
Apple = 24
Strawberry + Apple / Strawberry - Pineapple = ?

Can you solve the above maths problem and tell what value will come in the place of Question mark.

Share with your friends and family and puzzle them.

The Answer is given below. Try to Solve it before looking at the Answer.

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Substituting the Values we get,
3+24/3-(-3) = ?
Now by the Rule of BODMAS we get,
3+8+3 = 14.
So the Answer is 14.