Combination of three words puzzle

Here's a puzzle to lighten up your brain cells.
There are 10 puzzles.
Each a combination of three words which
have something in common.
For example :
Pine tree, Compass, Phonograph
All have needles.

1. College graduates, Thermometer, Location on the globe
2. Mattress, Jump, Season of year
3. Television, Cricket Field, Windows
4. Greek building, Newspaper, Marching army
5. River, Nose, Denture
6. Ion, Credit card bill, Cavalry
7. Tennis player, Noisy party, Mafia Ring
8. July, Locker room, Blessings
9. Bed, Sandwich, Rumor
10. Crossword puzzle, Post office, Initials

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1 Degrees
2 Spring
3 Screen
4 Column
5 Bridge
6 Charge
7 Racket
8 Shower
9 Spread
10 Letters