Some birds flying puzzle


Some birds flying puzzle

Some birds flying puzzle

Try this!!!!!!!
Some birds were flying and met
a bird on their
way. The bird greeted them;
'Hello hundred!'
They said we are not hundred,
we need half of us
plus you to make us hundred.
Question: How many birds
were flying???

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There are 4 possible answers to this puzzle,
depending upon the play of english used in the puzzle.
the 4 possible answers are 66,67,198,199
Logic for 66 & 67 :
To make the birds hundred you need to add half of us + 1,
So 66 + 66/2 + 1 = 100.
Now if the bird they met is flying then answer is 66+1=67 or
if the bird they met is not flying then 66 is the answer.

Now logic for 198 and 199 answer :
They said we need half of us.. it may also mean that they are more than 100
and need only half of them + 1 to make them 100.
So they are 198, and hence 198/2 = 99 + 1 = 100.
Now similary like above the bird they met , may be flying or sitting
Hence total birds flying can be 198 or 199 depending on the bird they met.

So the answers can be 66,67,198,199


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