40 Memorable Indian Advertisements


40 Memorable Indian Advertisements

40 Memorable Indian Advertisements

There are 40 memorable Indian advertisements hidden in this.
- See how many you can find. . . ?

Share with your family and friends and together try to find all the 40 Memorable Indian ads hidden in the painting above

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Answers marked in the image with details below :

40 Memorable indian ads answers

The advertisements are :
1. Amul
2. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Chai
3. Cadbury Dairy Milk
4. Dhara Oil
5. Liril (Girl under WaterFalll)
6. Nirma (Girl Dancing on terrace)
7. Hamara Bajaj
8. Lijjat Papad (lady drying papad on terrace)
9. FeviKwik (Person fishing and catching fish on stick)
10. Fevicol (2 people cooking egg but cant break egg - Near bottom left)
11. VIP Frenchie (Man Saving girl on bridge)
12. Britannia Glucose D (Gabbar on Tank)
13. Palmolive (kapil dev shaving)
14. ECE Bulb (Woman with bulb talking to man near bottom left)
15. Onida (Green Demon coming out of window)
16. MRF Zigma Tyres (UFO like alien spaceship)
17. Vicks (Man talking to boy - at center left)
18. Surf (Lalita Ji - bottom left)
19. Happy Dent (Man on pole with glowing teeth on ZooZoo)
20. Nike (Man Bowling on Bus)
21. Maruti (Center left - boy talking to sleeping man - petrol khatam hi nahi honda)
22. 5 Star (Ramesh Suresh sitting on bench)
23. Coca Cola (Aamir khan ad near well - thanda matlab coco cola)
24. Hutch (Child and pug on bridge)
25. Idea (Save the tree - talking tree)
26. Google Partition ad (center left - 2 old man hug each other)
27. Vodafone ZooZoo (center left below street light)
28. Bournvita (Tayyari jeet ki- Mom running after child on road)
29. Center Shock (Electric barber) / Balbir Pasha ko AIDS hoga kya (awareness ad)
30. Lifebuoy (Help a child reach 5)
31. Pepsi (Dhoni helicopter shot)
32. Colgate (Suraksha Chakra)
33. Pepsi (Shahrukh pepsi ad - man dancing on container)
34. Surf Excel (Daag Acche hai - infront of talking tree)
35. Airtel Internet (all people on bus)
36. Ariel (Share the load)
37. Madhya Pradesh Tourism (many hands on wall of hut - below water fall)
38. Whisper (Acchar ad of whisper - woman in window - center right)
39. Gillette (bottom right - shaving)
40. Asian Paints (top left beside zoozoo)