Find the Intruder picture puzzle


Find the Intruder picture puzzle

Find the intruder

Here is a picture filled with the number 803.
But some other numbers have made their way inbetween them.
Can you find the intruders ?
There is more than 1 intruder in the picture.
Only people with good eyesight can find the intruders 😊

Share with your family and friends and see who can find all the intruders.

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Answer :
Find the intruder answers

There are 6 Intruders in the picture as shown above.

1. 603 - 4th row 2nd column
2. 903 - 5th row 13th column
3. 805 - 10th row 7th column
4. 883 - 15th row 3rd column
5. 809 - 16th row 8th column
6. 808 - 18th row 13th column