Eg. Answer for 1st is Time Zone

1. A range of longitude where a common time is used.
2. Situation where one feels safe and at ease.
3. Designated spot where troops or supplies are parachuted down.
4. Area where armed combat is taking place.
5. Where you might come across Skully and Mulder.
6. Area surrounding the Equator.
7. Kenny Loggins song.
8. Nineteen member states that have adopted the same currency.
9. Christopher Walkens thriller.
10. In baseball, a volume of space through which a pitch must pass.
11. That part of occupied Germany that was transformed into GDR.
12. An area where there is risk to life.
13. Area where goods may be landed without the involvement of customs authorities.
14. Territory over which aircraft are not permitted to fly.
15. Basically agricultural land where no construction is permitted.
16. Part of the human body that has heightened sensitivity.
17. Scoring area in Football (not soccer)
18. The section of the earth from the surface to the water table.
19. Area where earthquakes tend to focus.
20. Neutral area to separate hostile forces or countries.
21. Where no honking allowed.
22. An area where vessels are required to travel at idling speed.

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Answer :
1. Time Zone
2. Comfort Zone
3. Drop Zone
4. Combat Zone
5. Twilight Zone
6. Tropical Zone
7. Danger Zone
8. Eurozone
9. Dead Zone
10. Strike Zone
11. Soviet Zone
12. Danger Zone
13. Free Zone
14. No Fly Zone
15. Green Zone
16. Erogenous Zone
17. End Zone
18. Vadose Zone
19. Seismic Zone
20. Buffer Zone
21. Silence Zone
22. Wake Zone