Rebus Puzzles - Challenging


Rebus Puzzles - Challenging

Rebus Puzzles Challenging

Can you figure out the meaning of the meaning, word or phrase, object, saying, song title, movie, person etc that each of the rebus puzzles describe?

Give your answers in the comments below !

Share with your family and friends and see how many rebus puzzles can they solve from the image above.

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Answer :
1. Up, Up And Away
2. Stairway To Heaven
3. Italian Sausage
4. Leaning Tower Of Pisa
5. Total Ellipsis Of The Heart
6. Come As You Are - Nirvana
7. 40 Yard Dash
8. Left Behind
9. The Glory Path
10. Singing In The Rain
11. Once Upon A Time In America
12. Apartment
13. That’S A Bold Statement
14. Little Miss Sunshine
15. Always On My Mind
16. Eternal Love
17. Music Box
18. Wind Beneath My Wings
19. Going Long
20. Thin Lizzy
21. Here’S Looking At You
22. I'M Melting
23. Pieces Of Me
24. Snap Out Of It
25. Blade Runner
26. Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner
27. The Long And Winding Road
28. The Empire Strikes Back
29. Stand In The Place Where You Live
30. Pumped Up